Wednesday, August 10, 2011


A few weeks ago, I saw a blog (that I can no longer find) that was made up entirely of other people's blog posts apologizing for the lack of updates. You know the type: "Sorry for not posting..." We have no apologies. We've been doing things, meeting people, seeing places. But in the interest of accounting for our time and appeasing friends and relatives, we are back. Revived.

Look at us looking at you!

In fast-paced summary since September 2009, much like the beginning of a West Wing episode, here are the highlights, with a surplus of exclamations and without many events that are worthy of inclusion:

Rest of 2009
  • Melanie and Martin get married!
  • Girl's weekend with Katie in Chicago
  • Leavenworth Birthday Weekend!
  • Mount Baker New Year's!
2011... so far

Oh, perhaps we should expound on a few of those. Next time.


kristen said... moved to Switzerland?

Amy said...

Yes, Darcy sits next to you now. I know we look alike, but how could you not notice?