Friday, August 12, 2011

Congratulations Brian!

After seven (7!) years of graduate school, Brian received his PhD this summer. While he did not receive the actual piece of paper saying that he is a doctor until mid-July (a mere three days before we left for Switzerland), the pomp and circumstance took place in June with the rest of the graduates.


For graduation, his entire family came into Seattle for a weekend of celebration. While his mom and grandmother had flight troubles that prevented them from attending the actual departmental graduation, they got to campus before Brian turned in his very-purple robe and hat.
The Ferris Family

Unsurprisingly, it was a weekend of great food. On Friday night, while Brian was on his way back from DC after being nominated as a Champion of Change, his sisters, dad, and brothers-in-law had delicious meals at Tamarind Tree and Third Place Pub. On graduation day, Brian and I got a big load of treats from Cafe Besalu for the family, and followed up the ceremony at Shultzy's, Brian's source for sweet tea, German sausage, and soccer throughout graduate school. That night, we went to one of our favorite restaurants in Seattle, Pair, with Ethan's family, and had the fun of ordering one of everything on the menu for our party of 13.

Finally, on Sunday, after a morning of family portraits and a trip to the Ballard Farmer's Market, we had a more formal party at Licorous to celebrate Brian's and Ethan's graduation with family and close friends. The staff there were great, and helped us create three signature drinks that were served, along with a great selection of appetizers. With a souvenir menu, what's not to love?

Personalized Menu

Unfortunately, Licorous closed shortly after our party, but we would still recommend their parent restaurant, Lark, to anyone looking for a great meal in Seattle.

Finally, after the weekend, many of the family headed up to the Methow Valley for a week of family and food! For more graduation weekend photos, see here.

Methow Valley

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