Sunday, September 13, 2009

So, this is cool.

Today is Day 365 of the Ferris-Wheeless adventure. So, far? Marriage is pretty cool. We do lots of fun things and things are generally awesome.

Let's recap!

Of course, we got married (as you may recall)

And then we went to Iceland and had a fantastic time

Immediately after getting home, we went to Lake Chelan and celebrated CC's birthday.

And a visit from Dawn and Eli.

Of course, there were holidays: Canadian Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, Christmas...

A trip to DC to visit Dawn and Jessie...

Spring in Seattle...

Off the Kauai with Martin and Melanie...

Who could forget the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade?

Moving out of our old place, with a little help from our friends

And a roadtrip to Idaho and Montana!

And of course, all the fun everyday things in between: morning hair, silly emails, dinner shenanigans, BBQs with friends... here's to many more of this crazy journey with one Mr. Ferris.