Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wedding Cake

So my mom and I are making the wedding cake. Those of you who know me and my baking tendencies probably aren't too surprised. Those of you who don't should know that my mom has made a ton of wedding cakes in her life. She paid her way through college working as a caterer. I've always been partial to my mom's cakes, so when she asked if that could be her gift to me, I said yes. The catch is that I would be doing half the work.

As you may recall, Amy and I are going with coconut cake. We wanted something Southern, so we orginally pushed for red velvet. My mom balked at the thought of that much red food coloring, so coconut it is. Unfortunately, Amy has sworn off coconut cake forever after I made her try the fifteen different varieties, but hopefull the rest of you will enjoy it.

So we started with this:

Cake Mix

That's 9 boxes of Duncan Hines (don't go Betty Crocker!). Add in 27 eggs, 9 cans of light coconut milk, water, and oil, and you start to get some actual cakes:


At this point, we are going to fill them tomorrow morning, do a crumb coat of frosting and toss them in the freezer before we move on to later steps. If you're going to be at the wedding, you'll get to enjoy the results first hand.

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