Tuesday, September 9, 2008

omg freakout

It's less than a week away. Brian and I are getting on the plane tomorrow. We're flying through Nashville - do you need any country music schwag? I think you do. We demand Bojangles and/or Waffle House treats as soon as we land. Who's the welcoming committee?

However - what's up with this rain in Raleigh? I love a good thunderstorm, but none of this drizzle, thank you! Also, why is it always beautiful weather whenever I leave Seattle? 72 and sunny all week! Also, for the record, Iceland is 50 degrees and raining. Who planned this honeymoon anyway?

For those around in Raleigh on Thursday night, I think there might be something going on. You know, Mitch's style.

I have no questions for you today, except to ask: are you ready? Brian has a kickin' dance mix.

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