Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Crickets Chirp

It's been quiet in blog land, but Brian and I have been hard at work on our various tasks. It's now less than two months till the wedding! We managed to do a lot of stuff while we were in NC, which I'll talk about later. However, let's talk about cake.

As mentioned before, Brian's mom will be making our wedding cake - a coconut cake. Being the scientist that he is, Brian decided to make five different cakes and three different fillings and to try them all to find the best recipe - for a total of 15 samples. We invited our friends CC and Jeremy over and, after dinner, got to work to find our favorite.

Obviously, this was not a good idea, in the end. Sugar coma!

This Was Maybe a Bad Idea

I think we found one we liked, but I can't remember what it is. It was coconuty.

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Anonymous said...

That picture is awesome.

Even though my wedding is less than two weeks away, I'm already REALLY excited about you guys's (?) wedding.