Thursday, August 21, 2008

Less than a month away!

We are slowly approaching the countdown, and we are getting no end to the "ARE YOU READY?" questions from the hapless onlookers. Fortunately, things seem to be moving smoothly - except that more of you are coming than we expected! More chairs, more food, more wine - don't worry, we have you covered.

Last June, Brian and I did the go-back-to-NC-and-do-lots-of-stuff trip. Brian finally saw Artspace through the eyes of a wedding, we met with our caterer, the lovely Rebecca at Square Rabbit, and we found a florist we liked - John Watkins of John's Flowers. Recently, we got an officiant for the wedding, started writing our vows and we bought some wedding bands. Joy, my lovely matron of honor, is helping me think about wine and centerpieces, and I'm thinking about where the after party should be. I'm thinking... Tir na nog? It's close by both the ceremony/reception site and the hotel that we'll be staying at the night of.

I know, this is all very exciting. What about the honeymoon, you say?

For those who don't know, we're going to Iceland! We'll be leaving Raleigh the day after the wedding, flying to Boston and then onto Iceland, where we'll spend a bit over a week driving around to different farms in southwest and southeast Iceland. We're booking a package through Iceland Farm Holidays, which provides you a car and an itinerary of farms to stay in the locations you specify. It sounds like other people have enjoyed the experience, and I hope we will do! We'll post exciting Icelandic experiences, like jumping off glaciers, getting attacked by puffins and hanging out with our friend Bjork right here. After that, we'll be flying to NYC to spend the night with Frances and then back onto Seattle.

Questions for the masses: Have you been to a wedding where there were readings you enjoyed? Are you going to shake it down at our wedding? Who wants to be our day-of wedding coordinator while we're all taking pictures?


Anonymous said...

Answers to your questions:

I have never been to a wedding where there were readings I enjoyed, but I'm sure they exist!

I will dance at your wedding, assuming there is alcohol involved!

I can be the day-of wedding coordinator if you want! You'll have to tell me what to do though.

Rachel said...

I too have never been to a wedding where there were readings I enjoyed. However, I have been to weddings with readings, and I got a great 5 minute nap to rest up for all the dancing at the reception.

Speaking of which, I am totally going to dance at your wedding. It will not be a pretty sight, but it will happen.

I am also equally happy to be a day-of coordinator. Emily and I can share duties - there's a chance that nothing will actually get done the way you want, but hey, probably no one will die or get lost or anything :)

ek said...

i am a romantic schmuck and usually always like readings - but apparently i am also the only person on the earth like this...

i always dance.

i've done the day of wedding coordinator thing before and would have no problem doing that for you guys, but you do have some lovely contenders above me! ;-)