Monday, April 7, 2008


The wedding planning continues at a decent pace. Brian and I have semi-regular meetings about the wedding and what we need to be doing to make sure this thing happens and so that we can get around to planning our honeymoon for real.

This week, we'll be reserving our caterer (Square Rabbit) and working on finalizing our photographer. I also need to call about flowers to a florist or two... but I have no idea what to ask or say, or really any clue about what I want.

So: does anyone have anything to get me started? Questions I should ask? Maybe a flower-type website that I could look at for ideas? I am a blank slate.


ek said...

andrew told me i should give you suggestions... so here goes!

if i were you, i would make sure that you actually talk to the person who'd be arranging, delivering, and setting up the flowers - not just the random guy who answers the phone.

also, make sure they give you an estimate that includes all the extras like set-up and delivery fees, etc.

then, i'd visit several places (they should be able to show you a wedding portfolio) and choose the person, not just the price, you like best, because that person will have a big impact on how smoothly (or not) things go on the actual day.

as far as which flowers/table arrangements/etc, you could try looking at this website to get ideas: (they did my flowers for our wedding).

i have no idea if any of that helps or is just stuff you already knew, but there you go :-)

Amy said...

That helps a lot, Emily! I have no clue what to think about for flowers.

We'll probably be going with Carleton's Flowers in Raleigh, because my dad knows the owner, but even with that out of my hands, I'm not sure how to approach it. I'll definitely check out that website for ideas.

BTW, you guys got our Save the Date card, right? We've had some go missing :)

Wendy Inouye said...

Dude, those hard-boiled egg bunny things on the Square Rabbit website are SCARY! I fear I will have nightmares about hundreds of spookily spherical bunnies with painted faces chasing me and smelling like eggs.