Saturday, February 9, 2008

Back by Popular Demand!

So, things have been quiet here. But don't think that we've been sitting on our haunches! Despite work busy-ness, sickness and the craziness of the upcoming Washington Caucus (tomorrow!), Brian and I have started working hard, with a little help from our friends. Last Wednesday, Brian and I had a meeting (how official), wrote a list, checked it twice and assigned tasks. So much to do! We've been using google docs to collaborate because I'm a big nerd. I'm considering setting up a wiki on clearwiki for our wedding funtimes, but this means I'm an even bigger nerd than you thought. How do you feel about that?

Invitations. This week, we got our Save the Date cards in the mail - at Will's suggestion, we got them made at Zazzle and they are super. Joy has been working hard on our invitations, and we've about finalized a design. You're going to have to wait to see both of these. So THERE.

Photographer. We're in the midst of researching and interviewing photographers. If you have any friends or acquaintances who are photographers, we want to know more! We're especially interested in those that will grant us the rights to the photos after the wedding - less important is getting some fancy book afterwards.

Caterer. Brian and I will be doing a dessert and fruit reception after the wedding, and we're checking out some caterers. The ones on our list right now are: Catering Works, Square Rabbit, Side Street Restaurant, Irregardless Cafe and Once in a Blue Moon Bakery. If anyone has opinions on these or other places, share!

Honeymoon. We're thinking of cool honeymoon places! We'll decide for sure by the beginning of March, so we'll just keep you in the dark until then. But I just got a guidebook in the mail. YAY!

Flowers. Ummm... pink? White? Lilies? I'm a bit lost here. I'd like to carry a puppy.

Bridesmaid Dresses. Like Emily, I've picked a color (even from the same place!), and bridesmaids can go forth and get one that they will love or not hate. My color? MOSS.

Music. For the ceremony itself, we'll have a cellist - Douglass Little, who I went to high school with, and who played at Joy's wedding last April. Afterwards, we'll be breaking it down on the dance floor to the tunes from the ipod, amplified by the raw power of Andrew's speakers. Thanks Andrew!

Maybe if I updated more, I wouldn't have to have such long posts?

On an unrelated note, Brian's making cupcakes for our caucus site tomorrow. To try and convince people to our side. Which side you ask? The super side.


Anonymous said...

Sweet! I wish your wedding was before ours so I could see how that whole dancing to the iPod works out. I am interested in doing that, but I don't think our music taste is very good for wedding dancing. Which means we would play music and everyone would either stand around or try to dance and look really awkward.

Penney said...

You should definitely carry a puppy. And then I'll take it home afterwards.

Tommy Vernieri said...

We had a wiki that we used to organize our wedding... we didn't actually use it that much though. Right now, is my favorite free wiki site.

Caucus cupcakes sounds illegal! Can you do that?

Wendy Inouye said...

Ooh! That dog in the photo! Pretty please?