Monday, January 7, 2008

Now what?

Ok, now we have a date and place... what do we do? Slack off for the next few months? That sounds fun.

What's your favorite thing about weddings?


Penney said...

Slack off... that's what we did!

My favorite thing about weddings is the wedding cake. Eating it.

ek said...

while slacking off is fun, i was yelled at by many-a weddingy person by trying to plan our event within 7 months and many of the dj's, caterers, dress people, florists, and cake makers seemed appalled that i was asking them to do the wedding "as late as" i contacted them! so if you feel passionately about any of those things, might wanna contact those people in the meantime just to reserve their services if not make big decisions. just a thought.

favorite things: seeing the bride's dress, listening to the vows, and dancing!!

Joy said...

We put off a lot of things until 3-4 months before the wedding, but since it was in such a small town, I think they were okay with that. I wouldn't do that in Raleigh.

A friend of mine offered the name of a cake lady who could probably do a bunch of small desserts. I will find out more about her.

Also, she recommended a photographer who will 1. work with your budget and 2. give you the rights to all of the photos and give you a cd with all of them. Most professional photographers won't do that unless you give them large amounts of money. So, I can also look into that if you want, but I know you know some photographers.

My favorite thing about weddings are the toasts. They always make people cry and you get to drink champagne.

Melanie said...

I think it's funny that the only people that have responded to this are married women. And now me.

So I will throw my opinion in too.

My favorite part is how happy the groom looks as he watches the bride walk up the aisle and how happy the bride looks as she walks to meet him.

Sometimes, I wonder if I will look happy. I think I might feel really embarrassed / scared to walk down an aisle and have people watching me, a la graduations? But my happiness at marrying Martin might overshadow that. I won't know until my Big Day, many years in the future!

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy, Please update your blog. I need some ideas!


Emily C.