Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Now a word from our sponsors...

Brian and I are back from the honeymoon, and yes, we had a great time. We will be posting pictures and blog entries about each of our days in Iceland so that you can hear, in excruciating detail about all of our funtimes! Happily, we had almost no travel snafus, and we arrived back in Seattle yesterday, greeted by flowers, decorations and treats from some awesome friends, and a pile of gifts that had been delivered while we were away. Yahoo!

In addition to all our great friends and family who helped make our day special, here is a list of the vendors and people we used for the wedding, in case you were wondering:
Also, a special thanks to Andrew for lending speakers, setting them up and helping us rock out, to Rachel and Emily for decorating and delegating decorating responsibilities, and to Matt for letting us crash his conveniently located condo before the wedding to eat pizza and escape the heat and for securing more chairs at Artspace.

We will have some wedding pictures up soon from our photographer, but if anyone is jonesin' for some pictures now, here are some lovely pictures from Joy & Lindel and from Michele.

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Yay! Welcome back!