Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here we come, Raleigh

Brian and I will be in Raleigh June 4 - June 9, and we plan on making a wedding ruckus - we will have a meeting with our caterer, the lovely Rebecca at Square Rabbit; a meeting with Carleton's of Carleton's Flowers; an exchange of monies with our photographer; and our parents will be meeting. Yes, they haven't met yet. I will also be having a bridal shower, hosted by the divine Mrs. Jones, which means Brian and I finally had to register for stuff (links on main site, for the curious).

After work one night a few weeks ago, we went into the Downtown Seattle Bed, Bath and Beyond and walked around with the little registry gun they give you. Fun! For like... 45 minutes. We got through gadgets and small appliances, and we were done-tired. So, the rest of the stuff one puts on a registry has come in fits and spurts over the last few weeks. We also ended up registering at Macy's. The concept of wedding registries is a bit strange - while it is useful, since Brian and I have a lot of the basic kitchen stuff that we wouldn't want people to replicate, it seems weird to tell people what to buy us. So - don't feel constrained by our little list! How else will we get the strange and lovely things that will sit on our bookshelves for years to come? :)

Here we come, Raleigh, Raleigh.


NICO+YOKO said...

Man, you are a few weekends too late. I wish we could be there in person. We will have to mail in gifts in our place for the shower. I'm sure you guys won't mind, though!!!

ek said...

will you two have any time to meet up for coffee or a meal, or will you be too busy with wedding-y stuff?

Amy said...

We are pretty busy busy, but we could try and meet up! Sunday-not-dinner is pretty open right now :)

Liz said...

I heard of this great website- honeyfund- they help friends and family to donate to your honeymoon. My sister and her partner are using it for their wedding. I just bought them a dinner at a fancy restaurant in Montreal and a good bottle of wine.
PS- how are you lady!?