Monday, December 31, 2007

Day 2 of Planning

It's all a-whirl.

Today, Melanie and I went and saw Artspace, Longview - Poe House, the Longview Center and the Arboretum. I really liked Artspace, and put a tenative hold on it for September 13 and for September 21 - I'm leaning toward September 13, which would make it an evening wedding. Brian and I are looking at the possibilities of also holding the ceremony there, though we are also looking at holding the ceremony at the Arboretum, which has better rain location possibilities than Fletcher Park does. (As you can see, this contradicts some of what I said yesterday). Artspace has done ceremonies before, but it would require some creativity on our part. We're creative cats.

Poe House was a very nice place - it's behind Wake Med, and is a large house on a pretty piece of land, with a fair amount of parking and a tent already in place. There's not a lot of information on their website, however, and when we called to leave a message, their answering machine made it sound like they weren't doing events... ever. So, maybe not. It also looked bank.

We're getting more information on the Longview Center, but we're leaning toward some combination of Artspace and the Arboretum or just Artspace. Of course, things will always change - but I think it feels pretty Brian+Amy.


Elizabeth said...

What I haven't seen mention of in your blog is what reception areas will allow FERRIS WHEELS in addition to dancing and loud music! Not sure if Brian mentioned it, but some family friends of ours got married ten years ago or so and had the reception at the Art Museum cafe. It was very classy. But sounds like you have lots of great ideas already!

Tommy Vernieri said...

Penney and I looked at Artspace before we decided on a city and I thought it looked really cool as well.